Assignment of Agreements of Purchase and Sale

Assignment of Agreements of Purchase and Sale

An Assignment of an agreement of purchase and sale is not the transfer or assignment of real property but rather an assignment or transfer of rights arising out of the agreement or contract relating to real property. Assignments have become increasingly more common in the condominium sector. However, in all builder contracts there is a … Read more

Fixing up an old house with a low income/budget: How?

Fixing up an old house with a low income

Fixer-upper homes can be a great investment opportunity for anyone looking to buy a home on a budget. However, fixing up a home can also be expensive, and it’s important to plan your budget carefully to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. In this article, we’ll provide some tips and tricks … Read more

Strategies to buy Cheap Homes in Toronto for Investment 2023

How to buy cheap homes in Toronto, CA for investment

Canada’s Toronto’s real estate market is a promising avenue for investment, but buying a house in the city can be expensive. However, with some research and strategy, you can find cheap homes in Toronto for investment that can yield significant returns in just 5 years. Our client has made 400k dollars in just 4 years … Read more